Tad Conrad Tynsong Festival

Cherrapunjee holds one of the world's biggest cave festivals. Called 'Ki Hima Tnong' or The Light Inside, this unique festival takes place between June and August. A celebration of the many cave temples that dot this region and a time to show off Meghalaya's bounty, the festival features parades by tribes from nearby areas as well as those from further-flung parts of Meghalaya.

In addition to the colourful dance performances which depict nature's bounty through song, food stalls selling local dishes and the usual stage performances, you can enjoy a walk through the picturesque landscape of Mawsynram. The Double-Decker Living Root Bridge is on display during this period along with other relics from Meghalaya's past.

Celebrate on top of Cherrapunjee with an overnight camping trip on the top of a mountain at a campsite nearby. If you're planning on a quick visit, then take part in outdoor activities like trekking and nature walks. Cherrapunjee is also home to the Meghalaya Adventure Camp that offers exciting water sports for those who love their adrenaline on the rocks.