Nongkrem Dance Festival

The Nongkrem Dance is a major celebration of the Khasis that takes place in the picturesque hamlet of Smit and is held in the courtyard of the Nongkrem Syiem or chief's home. The Iing Sad, which is also known as the Big House, is an important emblem of the Khasis - a huge, centuries-old residence that is still the seat of tribal power.

Nongkrem Dance Festival is a five-day event with several ceremonies featuring the present rulers of the Khyrim Hima (kingdom). The members are well-known and respected in traditional government, and they continue to be torchbearers for centuries-old indigenous customs of the Khasis. The pomblang or goat sacrifice ceremony is followed by the dance, in which unmarried maidens and male members of the community form the dancing troupe. Every participant is dressed to the nines in traditional clothes.