Me.Gong Festival

Me.gong Festival was conducted in the state of Meghalaya every year which is considered one of the largest festivals in India. It brings people from neighbouring states and other parts of the country to enjoy the beauty of nature, tradition, culture etc. It is celebrated mainly to pay homage to nature by way of appreciating all its bounties i.e. land, water, flora, fauna etc for providing us with a life worth living.

The Me.gong festival also aims at serving as a platform where various cultural institutions can congregate and share their rich heritage with each other. It has been growing bigger and better every year making it one of the most awaited events amongst tourists not only from India but abroad as well. The festivity period usually spans over 2-3 days during which various programmes, events and exhibitions are held.

During the Me.gong Festival, people enjoy a life of mutual respect, love and brotherhood. The dance forms include Jhumur (women folk dance), Kendang (menfolk dance), Langso (traditional musical instrument) etc. The music is mostly traditional having strong religious sentiments.  

The people in this part of India are very warm and friendly, hence you will enjoy a warm welcome every time you visit the state.

"Me.gong Festival 2021" is aimed at bringing the people of Garo Hills together to celebrate our rich cultural heritage and at the same time strengthen bonds within Meghalaya by promoting tourism within the state. It shall be a platform for meeting, sharing and learning from each other's rich cultural tradition. The festival shall be held once in two years i.e 2020-21 and 2022-23 biennially on a rotational basis between West Garo Hills and East Khasi Hills and South West Khasi Hills districts (after visiting all three districts will go back to West Garo Hills district) in the state of Meghalaya.

The Me.gong festival will be held this month (18th to 20th November 2021) and thus serve as one of the economic and tourism boosters for Meghalaya.

What to expect at the Me.gong Festival in Meghalaya, 2021?

Venue: Babadamgre Village Playground, West Garo Hills

Traditional Games | Eating Competition | Brew Contest | Strongman Contest | Circus Act | Fashion Show | Modern Dance Troupe | Lazer & Light Show | Band Performances & more…


Venue: Chibragre Village – Wangala Dance Venue

  • Every tent is equipped with two sleeping bags and two mattresses, allowing for the accommodation of two persons.
  • There are facilities such as food, water and portaloos at the Campsite.
  • For convenience, it is suggested that campers bring their own extra sleeping bags and a pillow.
  • The cost for each tent is Rs. 2000/- per day.
  • Only 75 Tents will be set up at the Campsite.
  • Tents will be allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis.