Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

April to June - Warm (15 to 25 °C)

If one wants to experience the springtime, the best time to visit Meghalaya is between April to June. It is the perfect time for a holiday with kids and families or just to escape the scorching summers of the plains. Even during spring season, you will witness light showers in the state, but nonetheless, it is mostly sunny throughout the day, on most days. The temperature ranges between 15°C to 25°C, making the climate really pleasant and inviting.

If you want to witness the magnificent, breathtaking waterfalls of Meghalaya, then a perfect time to view them is just after the monsoons, when the waters are in their fullest gushing forms. But be wary not to get too close as it can be very dangerous, given the high and strong cascades of the monsoon-laden waterfalls and rivers of Meghalaya.

Tips: This is a peak season so be aware of the crowd and plan your trip accordingly

July to September - Rainfall (24 to 33 °C)

Since the temperature can vary between 24°C and 33°C during the monsoon season, a visit between July to September is apt to experience the heavy rains of Meghalaya. But if you are a monsoon lover and won’t mind getting drenched, then the best time to visit Meghalaya to really experience the heavy rains is between mid-June and August. One visit and it will be proof enough to validate that this region is truly the wettest region in the entire world.

Tips: Pack waterproof cloths, umbrella, repellents cream, sports shoes, or gumboots

October to November - Cold and humid (22 to 29 °C)

The aftermath of the rains leaves Meghalaya with a gush of utmost greenery and freshness in the air, a scintillating aroma of pure nature and a sense of rejuvenation, purity in the atmosphere, and pleasantness to the eyes. To experience this phase, one must invite themselves to Meghalaya during October and November. Despite the experience of low rainfall, you won’t miss the view and experience of the gushing waterfalls for sure.

Post monsoons is cool and humid, both, because of the temperature being 22°C to 29°C. The post-monsoon season is also known to be the harvest season of the state. It is also during this time that travelers can witness and be part of the various festivals celebrated in Meghalaya.

Tips: Light woolen cloths required

December to February  – Cold and Frosty (4 – 16 °C)

During the winter season, the temperatures drop and one will experience chilly weather, mists, ice frosts on vehicles, rooftops and enveloping the roads in some parts of the state. December to February is the period when a tourist can enjoy the frigidness of the winter season. If one measures, the temperature will easily show as between 4°C and 16°C. It can be a temporary home to many winter lovers and is the best time for an adventure trip in the mountains.

The best places in the Meghalaya to visit during the winters are Mylliem and Laitlyngkot amongst other areas in the West Khasi Hills. This time is also considered to be the busiest during the year since it is a perfect time for hikers, campers, trekkers, and explorers to experience the remotest corners of the state. They can also take part in numerous kinds of outdoor activities, water adventure sports and other more daring adventure activities. Wintertime is also considered to be a high tourist peak period in Meghalaya. A perfect climate for a picnic. One can experience cold winds and misty mornings.

Woolen clothes, jackets, shawl, mufflers, a sweater is a must.