History of Assam

Assam has a rich historical background that dates back to the ancient Hindu Epics. The state is believed to be formed after the great Mahabharata War which happened near present-day Guwahati. Many heroes of Mahabharata fought their last battle here and that's why this district was named as 'Land of Heroes'. Assam was also well known in ancient history by the name Pragjyotisha.

King Bhagyachandra ruled this place for 41 years according to the chronicles of the Ahom Dynasty. Golap Borbora was a famous ruler of Assam who made great efforts in promoting tourism. He has done many reforms in education, communication and other sectors.

The state suffered a lot during the British Raj but after getting independence in the year 1947, the local government has initiated various steps to make Assam a better place to live in. People are now living peacefully without any disturbance of terrorism or insurgency which was once familiar with this region.