Culture of Assam

Assamese culture is an amalgamation of different customs and traditions. This place has a varied history because of its location in Northeast India where people from many regions came to settle down. The Assamese language is one of the official languages of Assam while other widely spoken languages are Bengali, Bodo and Karbi etc.

Sports Culture

From a cultural point of view, Assam is one of the richest and most diversified States in India. There are many ethnic groups like Bodo, Rabha, etc. who contribute to the rich culture of Assam. The variety and richness of 'Bihu Dance', Assam is appreciated by the world.

'Naamghars' or prayer houses are very common in Assam. These were built by Vaishnavites to spread Krishna-consciousness. The most popular 'naamghar' is Auniati Satra, Majuli which was established in 1586 AD by Mahapurusha Sankardeva. Among the other famous 'naamghars' are Auni Ati, Barpeta; Bamunigaon, Tezpur; Bihutoli Satra, Majuli; Biswanath Ghat (Dakhin), Majubi; Chaygaon Satra, Kokrajhar; Deodhani Satra, North Guwahati; Kuruwa Thakurbari, Nagaon.

Assam is famous for its rich culture and heritage which are depicted through the dance forms of the state. The folk dances portray both spiritual as well as secular themes. The most common forms of dances are Bihu, Puitika, Bawxoepori, Brat Natua etc. Apart from these, there are other dance forms that are performed on auspicious or festive occasions like Bhortal Nritya, Kang Dance etc. The other common dances are Karma, Chaliha Dance, Khamti Raas, Sarud Khela and many more.

The most notable 'Bihu Dance' is Bihu of Assam which is performed during the different seasons of a year. These are Rongali or Bohag Bihu that is performed in the middle of April, Magh Bihu that is performed during mid-January and Bhogali or Kati Bihu which is performed during the end of January to mid-February.

The city is very famous for its food culture and is one of the most important cities in North East India. There are innumerable 'restaurants' or eateries where people of all age groups can enjoy their time over sumptuous meals along with delectable tea, particularly at night. The eateries serve a variety of food items cooked in the 'Assamese' style.

There are many restaurants in the city that offer Assam's native cuisine and also serve other Indian cuisines like Chinese etc. Some of them are Jalukie, Ruibai lalit bhavan (Lalit Hotel), Baruah Bhavan, Asam Diner Gurukul, Hotel Pragati etc.

'Bhaluka' is a famous tea stall in the city which offers a variety of tea items and other snacks like 'Pakoda', 'Samosa', 'Chicken Poha', etc. This small eatery is one of the oldest tea stalls that still works during the evening.

The city is a sports hub of Assam and people of all ages participate in different tournaments and competitions organized by local, state and national level agencies. The common sports played in the city are football, cricket, badminton etc. There is one stadium (Kaziranga Club Ground) and one indoor stadium in the city.

Kaziranga Club Ground or K.C.G which is situated in the Beltola area of Guwahati, Assam is a premier sports club of Assam that offers facilities for cricket, football, volleyball etc. Apart from this it also has indoor games like table tennis and badminton courts which are well maintained and in good condition.

For Badminton lovers, there is one indoor stadium in the Chakrapur area of the city which is equipped with two badminton courts.

Apart from these, there are many stadiums in the city like Guwahati Club Ground (G.C.G) situated in the Azara area of the city, for Kabaddi lovers Azara Stadium is the best place.

There are many sports events of national and state level that take place in Guwahati which attracts a great crowd from the city as well as from other parts of Assam. In addition to this, there are stadiums at different places like North Guwahati Stadium, South Guwahati Stadium, Azara Indoor Stadium etc.

The most popular soccer club of the city is Royal Wahingdoh F.C which was established in 2011 at Rangapara, Sivasagar District. It was established by Mr Ranjit Barthakur and had won the I-League 2nd Division in the year 2017-18 under the coach Thangjam Naoba Singh.

Other popular soccer clubs of Assam are Pragjyoti Sangha F.C, Guwahati Town Club etc. who participate in different national and state-level tournaments.

For Kabaddi lovers there is one Ind football tournament like Durand Cup (India) and Bordoloi Trophy Football Tournament (BTFT).