Cuisine of Assam

Assam is very famous for its cuisine and sweet dishes. The most notable dish of the city is 'Khar, a popular rice-meal prepared with fermented rice namely 'Panta bhat' (rice soaked overnight) and boiled rice along with different vegetables like chutney made up of greens, brinjal, onion, tomato etc. The dish is garnished with gingely oil and accompaniments are mustard sauce or chutney made up of green chillies, onions, lemon juice etc.

Another popular dish is 'Dali Thak', which is prepared by frying thin rice noodles in mustard oil along with boiled fowl meat. The dish is served with boiled vegetables like brinjal, onions etc.

'Khar' and 'Dali Thak' are well known for their unique taste and flavour. The city is also popular for different kinds of snacks particularly Pakoda, Poha, etc. which are consumed along with tea, especially in the evening time.

Other dishes of the city are 'Patal-Bhaat', 'Buragaon Arsa' (a dish made up of boiled and fried bitter gourd), different kinds of rice-meals like 'Akhoi Bhat', etc. The traditional breakfast of the people consists of various dishes like Phulauri, Idiappam, Dosa, etc.

Traditional dishes of the city are prepared using different kinds of dry fish, brinjal and onion along with mustard oil which gives a unique taste to these dishes.

The most popular snacks in the city are 'Aloo-Posto', 'Golgappa', 'Chotpoti' etc.

Most of the dishes are also accompanied by different kinds of chutney made up of onions, green chillies etc.

Crackers or Biscuits are known as 'Ghughni' which is popular among children while some other popular dishes of Assam are Malpoh, Litti-Chokha, Khaman Dhokla, etc.

Now the city is well known for its fast food as well as other Chinese dishes which are also very popular among youngsters and children.

In addition to these, Guwahati is also famous for different varieties of desserts especially 'Pitha', a traditional rice cake prepared during winter time which is served along with 'Khorika' (a kind of molasses) and also 'Dhone', a rice cake which is served with mustard oil and spices in different parts of the state.

Another popular dish of the city is 'Bora saul', a kind of curry made up of mashed yam seasoned with different spices like coriander seeds etc. accompanied by chutney made up of 'Dolochi-Alu' (a kind of yam) and also with brinjal pickle etc.

The city is also famous for its different kinds of traditional cakes like 'Mohanta', a steamed multi-layered cake prepared during Bihu festival, 'Naat Boro', a kind of rice-cake prepared from 'Naw-Phali' (a variety of glutinous rice), and different kinds of 'Pitha' like 'Bakulapitha', etc.

The city is also famous for its drinks like tea, coffee, juice etc. especially along the bank of the river Brahmaputra.

For midnight snacks of the people, different kinds of 'Sabji' are available in street stalls of Guwahati which is also very popular among children.

The people of this city are known to have a sweet tooth and they love to have some kind of sweet dishes after lunch or dinner mainly 'Rasgulla' and 'Rasmalai'.