The Unique Mawryngkhang Meghalaya Bamboo Trek is all about Guts and Glory

Want to visit Meghalaya? This is the most beautiful trek of all time, so make it part of your bucket list and enjoy the natural abundance of bamboo treks!

There are numerous treks in India to select from if you have an urge for adventure. There are treks to deep gorges, high mountains, jungles, forts, and many more. The vast variety of fascinating trekking opportunities is infinite. Snuggled among the riches of Meghalaya, one such scintillating yet exciting trek is located over the gorges.

The Mawrynkhang bamboo trek in Meghalaya is one of the state's scariest hikes, with bamboo broomsticks strung together using cane ropes requiring hikers to traverse.

About the Mawrynkhang Bamboo Trek

The breathtaking view of the sky above, amid the panorama of Meghalaya, is contrasted with the gnarled roots of trees that hang over submerged gurgling waters. What makes this trek innovative? Many people believe that this trek is dangerous. However, due to the fact that it is built by local hands, it is considered quite safe. The majority of the trails are free of nails due to their simplicity and small size. The pathway is designed in such a manner that bamboos connected with cane ropes provide a solid enough walking surface. This eco-friendly marvel, which is still holding itself up after years,

The village of Wakhen, in the Pynursla, which is located in the East Khasi Hills, is home to several bamboo bridges that overhang a broomstick. This is where it all begins. One reaches the starting point from where the trek begins with natural pools and deep gorges.

The real-life connotation of "Aage kuaan, peeche khaai" in Hindi (a well in front, a deep ditch behind) moment occurs near the end of the trek where you must squeeze through a narrowing; however, it is on both sides! On the left, a narrow but deep stretch plunges down to a cliff point. Ah Ah, it's not really that difficult after all. The secret is to maintain an even balance.

This is an unforgettable journey that takes trekkers on an experiential trip of beauty, culture, and innovation all combined together. The location offers beauty, culture, and invention to visitors. It may be a bit spine-chilling for some people, especially those with vertigo, but it provides you with an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature.

Duration of the Mawrynkhang bamboo trek: 3 to 4 hours on average depending on your pit-stops and time taken to walk

The Legend of Mawrynkhang

The Mawrngkhang trek also has one more folklore for its travelers, among the numerous local stories. In the Khasi Hills, a legend has it that long ago, there was a stone fight. And because both of them fell in love with Kthiang, Mawryngkhang and Mawpator became engaged in combat.

Mawpator was enraged, and it cut off the left hand of Mawryngkhang, who subsequently beheaded the former. And today, in front of the 'U Mawrynkhgang' rock, the head can be seen.

The King of Stones was a massive gleaming rock that emerged victorious and went on to be crowned. Find the king's head for yourself as you delve into the dramatic elements of this folktale!

A wonderful combination of legend, myth, and adventure!

Why should one embark on this trek?

  • Why would you do it if it is really frightening? Subjective, right? It's true that scary is a subjective term, so let's leave it at that.
  • This is without a doubt one of the most difficult treks you will ever undertake.
  • The cultural significance of those bamboo trails adds to the overall experience.
  • It's a one-of-a-kind trek that was constructed by the local people, and it's an engineering wonder.
  • There's no denying the breathtaking vistas that may be seen while strolling along the bamboo bridges in this bountiful environment.

Mawrynkhang Bamboo Trekking Tips:

  • Make reservations ahead of time for your stay. It's not worth it to plan a full vacation only to cancel it because no rooms are available.
  • It goes without saying that excellent trekking shoes are a must.
  • Pack ample dry food and water bottles, because there will be no stores in between to get them. You already know this, right?
  • Let's be considerate and not mar the beauty of beautiful natural routes that go all around. So, to prevent trash, keep a trash bag with you at all times and throw it away when you get back to town.
  • In Meghalaya, rain is not limited to the monsoon season alone, therefore bring raincoats, rain sheeters, or windcheaters and ponchos. Umbrellas would be avoided for this reason.
  • Lastly, a must indeed - take pleasure in every moment of it!

Is it intriguing enough? It certainly is. So get your reservations in place for this wonderful and one-of-its-kind Meghalaya Mawrynkhang bamboo trek, soon!